Mrauk U (formerly known as Mrohaung) is an archaeologically important town in northern Rakhine State, Myanmar. It is also the capital of Mrauk-U Township, a sub region of the Mrauk-U District. From 1430 until 1785, it was the capital of the Mrauk U Kingdom, the most important and powerful Rakhine (Arakanese) kingdom.


The Andaw Pagoda of Mrauk U means the Pagoda enshrining the tooth-relic of Buddha. The pagoda is located about 86 feet from the Shittaung Pagoda in the north-east direction. Min Hla Raza was the original builder of this pagoda in 1521 A.D. Due to some damaged parts the King of Mrauk U. Minrazagyi reconstructed this pagoda in 1596 A.D. The central tower of the shrine contains the tooth-relic of Buddha. It was originally obtained from Sri Lanka by King Minbin (1534-1542 A.D.)


About a distance of 150 feet to the northwest of the Dukkhanthein Pagoda is the Laymyetnha Pagoda or "the four-faced pagoda". King Minsawmon. the first king of Mrauk-U Dynasty built it in 1430 A.D. It is one of the five pagodas built at the beginning of the establishment of the city. It is a square structure with a long protruding portal towards each cardinal point.


Shitthaung or "temple of the 80.000 Buddhas" located about half a mile to the north of the palace site was built by one of the most powerful kings of the Mrauk U Dynasty called by the people. Minbargyi. It is an ancient temple in Mrauk U of northern Rakhine state. Myanmar.According to records on inscriptions as King Minbin who reigned from 1513 to 1553.The king built this fortress-temple after repulsing a Portuguese attack on the City of Mrauk U.


Koethaung Pagoda the name means 90.000 and probably signified the number of Buddha images it was supposed to contain. To the north of the Pisei Hill at a distance of 400 yards is the Koethaung Pagoda. The pagoda stands on a plain and is surrounded by paddy fields. The upper tiers of the pagoda had disappeared. The remaining lowest tier is about 30 feet high including earth foundation.


Zina Man Aung Pagoda is known to be one of the five most revered "Man" paya of Mrauk U.Zina Man Aung Pagoda is located on top of the Pandein Taung hill. It is situated on the south side of the old palace ruins. The structure of the pagoda is octagonal in shape. At the base, there is a mouse with two bodies and a head. On the higher level, there are two more mice. This pagoda was built and donated by King Sanda Thuddhamma during A.D 1652. The king first built the stupa at the south side of this pagoda. That one seemed to be small and he again built another larger one and named Zina Man Aung Pagoda.


Lawka Man Aung Pagoda is known to be one of the five most revered "Man" paya of Mrauk U. The architecture of this pagoda is in the form of four steps. The base step is a square shape with four statues at each corner. From the second to the topmost step, there are small pagodas at each corner. Inside the pagod, there is a 12 feet high Buddha image made of stone. In A.D 1676, King Oakka Balar became a monk in this pagoda's compound and at such a time. was also called Lawkamu Pagoda.


Mingalar Man Aung Pagoda is known to be one of the five most revered "Man" paya of Mrauk U. Mingalar Man Aung Pagoda was donated by the son of King Sanda Thudhamma Raza. known as King Oakkalapa. Built in A.D 1685. Some facts say that the Mingalar Man Aung Pagoda was erected by King Narapatigyi.The pagoda is built by stones instead of bricks. The pagoda is guarded with walls in a square shape. Each side of the wall has an entry gate with a leading path to the pagoda. There are 8 surrounding small pagodas. There are stone Buddha statues inside the small pagodas.


Sakkyar Man Aung Pagoda is located on the east side of Mrauk U. This pagoda is known to be one of the five most revered "Mann" paya of Mrauk U. King Sri Suddhamma Raja built the Sakkyar Man Aung Pagoda in A.D 1629. It is located in the south of Yadanar Man Aung Pagoda. The architecture of the pagoda is in the form of lotus flower. There are 12 small pagodas surrounding the main Sakkyar Man Aung Pagoda. The dimension of the Pagoda is 240 feet and the height is about 114 feet.


Yadanar Man Aung Pagoda is known to be one of the five most revered "Man" paya of Mrauk U. Located on the east side of Yadanarpon Pagoda about half a mile. The pagoda is octagonal in shape. It was built in A.D. 1652. The height of the pagoda is 180 feet and the width is 54 feet. At the north-west corner of the pagoda there is a white cave with a length of 54 feet width of 13 feet and 10 feet in height.
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