Mergui Archipelago lies off the far south coast of Myanmar (formerly Burma). It's comprised of hundreds of islands that have coral reefs and beaches. Lampi Island, in Lampi Marine National Park, is home to the seafaring indigenous Moken people. It's a haven for birds, notably the plain-pouched hornbill, plus marine life like dugongs and turtles. Myeik, a port town, is a gateway to islands close to shore.


The Myeik archipelago is located on the Taninthayi Division, southern part of the country and the coast side of the Andaman Sea.Myeik’s Archipelagoes are very popular and worth to go there. In 16th century, the Myeik was a seaport and trading center with Europeans, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Portuguese, Dutch, French and English. Most of the people know Myeik as “Mergui”. After the England war (1687) the French officer Chevalier De Beauregard was made the city of Mergui’s governor. This Myeik Archipelago is very huge area vast about 36000 square kilometers (14000 square miles). This island is lies on the Peninsula and extends to the Andaman Sea. The population is occupied in rubber, coconuts, pearl farming, sea products which from get the sea like shrimp paste, dried fish, ngapi, salt and also bird’s nests. The bird’s nests are expensive and rare product. This is get from wall of the mountain. It is very good for health and use for age defense. Myeik’s natural pearl is majestic and value attraction on the world. Exports products are include tin, tungsten, dried fish, prawn, fish paste, salt, rubber and bird’s nests.


“Salon” nation from Myanmar, they refer to themselves as Morgan. They are freely roaming in the ocean with small boat from birth to death. These ethnic groups known as "Sea Gypsies" are still found from the Philippines to Borneo to Thailand to Burma. They don’t have home they used their small boat as home. Their lives are romantic but actually, they are fight for their survival. These natural pearl are restrained by sea gypsies, who sail from island to island. During dry season they live on boat and fishing nets but during rainy season they rest at land and repaired their boat after end rainy season they left their rest place and move to sea. Next rainy season they are not sure for their rest place and may be new. They learnt fishing and boat building techniques for generation to generation. These people can be found near the Kawthaung Island.


Kawthaung is the southernmost town in Myanmar about 928 km from Yangon and 648 km from Malawmyaing. Kawthaung was built by British and named as Victoria point. Kawthaung is one of the entry ports into Myanmar and only separated from Thailand by Pakchan River. Across the river is the border town called Ranong, Thailand. Kawthaung is also the gate way of Mergui Archipelago and it was located at the southern edge of Myanmar. Visitors can take 25 minutes boat trip to Kawthaung for sightseeing and shopping. By air, it takes about an hour from Yangon and takes about 2 days by special boats. Traveling by air and boats are recommended for comfort and safety while travel by road is not advised and not comfortable for visitors. Most of the visitors who come from Ranong to Kawthaung by crossing to the river with small long tail boat to enter Mergui archipelago and also come directly from Thailand’s most famous topical paradise city Phuket.

Horseshoe Island

Horseshoe Island one of the hidden beautiful natural islands in Myanmar, is located in Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago. It is a small island near Zadetkyu and Cock's comb island which is also know as Emerald Heart island. It's situated at the end of Tanintharyi and Thailand that makes a good place for both countries to enjoy and relax the peacefulness of nature.

Cocks Comb Island

Cocks Comb Island is part of the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea. It is situated just off the coast of Kawthaung (Kawthoung), the most Southern city of Myanmar (Burma). The island is a limestone atoll without a beach, but with a stunning lagoon, shape like a heart. The inlet changes the color of the ocean and that’s why it is also called Emerald Heart Island.
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